About The Owner: Steven Ayuso


     Steven Ayuso is a 21 year old male artist from Puerto Rico. On August 22, 2015 his parents made the unexpected and quick decision to move to the United States in hopes of achieving a safer and better life. Three days later, after packing their lives into a couple of suitcases, they arrived in West Palm Beach, Florida on August 25th. Starting a new life in the United States was a huge struggle and challenge for him and his family. They were faced with a new culture and language barrier in which they found it hard to communicate with others, create relationships, fit in, and feel accepted. However, through times of great struggle and doubt, Steven's parents did not give up on their children and their new life here in the U.S. They worked tirelessly day and night knowing that they had to fight through the bad days to earn the best days. 

     Today Steven is grateful for his parents' sacrifices and his own scarifies to achieve a safer and better life. Looking at his journey he has realized that the impossible is possible. Thus, his journey has driven him to turn his dreams and everything he thought was impossible into his reality. Coming from the streets of Puerto Rico, where fashion has played a great role in Puerto Rican culture, one of Steven's biggest dream is to create a unique and authentic clothing brand that inspires others to take action and turn their dreams into their reality. 

     Knowing the key to turning dreams into reality is action, Steven has created his clothing brand S.L.A.R., which stands for Start Living A Reality. Steven believes that no matter who you are your dreams are valid and worthwhile, and he wants people to look at SLAR and become inspired to start living for themself and turn their own dreams into their reality.